Oracle Announces Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Anywhere

Extending the Oracle Enterprise Sign-On Suite, Oracle announced Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO) Anywhere, a comprehensive offering that lets enterprises host single tenant ESSO in a private cloud to provide users with secure access to heterogeneous enterprise resources from anywhere, anytime.

With Oracle ESSO Anywhere, the newly enhanced Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite helps employees, partners, suppliers and other enterprise affiliates to streamline access to web-based, client server and mainframe enterprise applications from anywhere, anytime, avoiding the requirement to remember and maintain multiple, diverse passwords and authentication credentials for each system and application. 

"Organizations really need single sign-on across four walls, both inside and outside of the enterprise. We are seeing this all over the place-employees working from home offices, private practices for doctors, folks logging into the enterprise from a kiosk at an airport, business centers and hotels, suppliers, contractors, resellers, distributors, outsourced development partners-all of these," Rojit Gupta, vice president, Oracle Identity Management product management, tells 5 Minute Briefing. These users various categories of users still need quick access, emphasizes Gupta. "They have the same security issues and concerns that you would typically apply to your internal users and you want to give them that rapid access to content, to data, to applications. Extending single sign-on now in this form factor, where you can essentially-anytime, from anywhere on the network-rapidly and remotely get set up and securely access these applications, will be a huge driver to the enterprises."

Oracle ESSO Anywhere provides one deployment package for all the ESSO software, allowing enterprises to take advantage of seamless enterprise single sign-on access for employees and partners. Automatic Version Control of Deployment Packages enables simplifies the ESSO software packaging and deployment to users' desktops and workstations.  Additionally, the software helps eliminate the need for administrative privileges for updates on target workstations, simplifying the process of updating and securing target workstations.

ESSO Anywhere provides automatic updates, patches and rollback, facilitating a way to apply software updates and rollbacks from a central location and enabling the ability for executables and data to remain on end users' workstations or be deleted upon the end of a session on the remote desktops.

Additionally, the newly enhanced Oracle ESSO Suite includes several key components that help improve authentication capabilities, decrease security costs and deliver efficient access and self-service capabilities, including Oracle ESSO Logon Manager, Oracle ESSO Password Reset, Oracle ESSO Authentication Manager, Oracle ESSO Provisioning Gateway, and Oracle ESSO Kiosk Manager.

For more details about Oracle Single Sign-On Suite, go here.