Oracle Announces Visual Builder Platform

Oracle has announced the release of the Oracle Visual Builder Platform, an integrated environment for development teams to develop and deliver cloud-native applications. The Visual Builder Platform integrates the features of Oracle Visual Builder and Oracle Developer Cloud Service to cover the full development lifecycle from planning all the way to delivery and hosting.

The Oracle Visual Builder Platform was announced in an Oracle Developers Blog post by Shay Shmeltzer, director of product management, Oracle.

According to Shmeltzer, the platform consists of a development interface and a runtime/hosting service, Visual Builder Studio and Visual Builder service, respectively.

Visual Builder Studio integrates a team development platform with code management and CI/CD automation, and includes features that streamline the development lifecycle for Visual Builder developers with project templates, environments management, and provides build steps and CI/CD pipelines for publishing and managing Visual Builder applications. "These features integrate directly with the visual development experience for web and mobile user interfaces provided by Visual Builder’s editors. Visual Applications developed with Visual Builder leverage Oracle JET’s rich set of components, further accelerating the speed at which development teams can deliver innovative user experiences," writes Shmeltzer.

According to Shmeltzer, Visual Builder Studio also acts as the interface for power users and developers to configure and customize new modules delivered by Oracle Cloud Apps teams, and also provides features that make it a strong solution for building extensions to current and future Oracle Cloud Apps. "Relying on industry standards, Visual Builder Studio can consume data from any REST-based data source, enabling customers to create extensions that mash-up data from Oracle Cloud Applications along with custom and external sources of data easily."

With Visual Builder Studio, says Shmeltzer, "development teams will find everything they need to manage the full lifecycle of all the artifacts that participate in the ecosystem of extending Oracle Cloud Applications."

For more information, visit the documentation pages for Oracle Visual Builder Studio and Oracle Visual Builder.