Oracle Announces World Record TPC-C Benchmark with Oracle DB on a SPARC Supercluster with SPARC T3-T4 Servers

Oracle has announced a world record TPC-C benchmark result for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on a SPARC Supercluster with SPARC T3-4 servers.

In addition to the new world record, Oracle also announced a new service called Gold Support, as well as the SPARC Solaris-based Exalogic Elastic Cloud System, and a complete refresh of the SPARC Enterprise Server product line.

Achieving 30,249,688 transactions per minute (tpmC) with a price/performance of $1.01/tpmC, the winning SPARC Supercluster with SPARC T3-4 servers consisted of 27 SPARC T3-4 servers with flash storage technology using Sun Storage F5100 Flash Arrays.

In a presentation made last week, and shared via live webcast, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison talked about Oracle engineering its hardware and software to work together for an optimal experience in terms of performance, reliability, and usability. "Our friends at Apple have done a great job building hardware and software that works together. You can just see the result and hold it in your hand. It is a little harder with enterprise computing to see the result and hold it in your hand unless you have really big hands but it is very clear to me and I think it is becoming clear to the marketplace that by engineering both the software and the hardware to work together, we can deliver world record performance,and the lowest possible TCO, the best reliability and the best security," he said. "That is what Oracle Sun is all about; engineering hardware and software to work together."

Oracle Real Application Clusters allowed the SPARC Supercluster with SPARC T3-4 servers to scale performance by nearly 3 times compared to the highest level ever recorded with the TPC-C benchmark while ensuring high availability and better response times. Oracle now holds the TPC-C world record in both major categories - performance and price/performance.

"We're going to back up that fabulous performance and that great cost/performance with a new generation of support that we call Gold Support and a Gold Service Level Agreement," noted Ellison. It is going to be on very specific hardware and software configurations that Oracle calls Gold Configurations. "Sun Oracle will do that, and we expect to announce partners that will have their own Gold Standard Configurations. This is not merely Sun Oracle. We are going to have partners like IBM, and Dell, and Cisco that join in and create those Gold Standard Configurations that we jointly test all of our new releases against, all of our bug fixes against, so that customers have choice in terms of the hardware and software they use, that is thoroughly tested." Oracle is announcing the Gold Standard Configurations now for Exadata, Exalogic, and SPARC Superclusters, Ellison said.

Also, last week, Oracle announced that is expanding the SPARC platform with the introduction of a SPARC Solaris-based Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud T3-1B engineered system and a complete refresh of the SPARC server product line.

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