Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Simplifies and Accelerates Data Access and Data Sharing

Oracle is adding innovations to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the industry’s autonomous database powered by machine learning and optimized for analytics workloads, breaking through the proprietary and closed nature of traditional data warehouses and data lakes.

Oracle is providing native multi-cloud capabilities and open standard-based data sharing across databases, simplifying data integration and analysis with a unique low-code based tool, and transforming the economics of data lakes by providing ultra-fast enterprise storage at the same low cost as object storage. Customers can now rethink their data warehouse and data lake architectures without having to choose between performance and cost, according to the company.

“Customers face many obstacles when analyzing siloed data across on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications, especially the lack of multi-cloud and data lake interoperability, and the need to assemble an array of disjointed tools and services to support the data analytics ecosystem. The latest Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse innovations make it easier for customers to query, manage, share, and scale their data—regardless of location,” said Çetin Özbütün, executive vice president, data warehouse and autonomous database technologies, Oracle. “We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in data management systems to deliver the performance, automation, and multi-cloud integration for all key database workloads and data types.”

The new breakthrough innovations are available at no additional cost for Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse customers and include:

  • Open collaboration
  • Expansive multi-cloud functionality
  • Simplified data integration and data analysis
  • High performance storage at the same cost as object storage

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