Oracle Blockchain Platform Now Part of Everledger’s Provenance Tracking Solution

Oracle’s blockchain platform is now available as part of Everledger’s blockchain-based solution. According to the companies, the solution will give Everledger users the ability to shadow blockchain transactions into a relational database, making it easier to run analytics on them.

A pioneer in digital provenance tracking, Everledger’s blockchain-based platform is used in many industries to oversee diamonds, colored gemstones, fine wine, and art.

The ability to transparently track the provenance and lifetime journey of assets as they move across global supply chains, is especially critical for high-value goods because these industries are susceptible to increased potential for theft, fraud, and counterfeiting.

According to Everledger, it deems some of the new capabilities of Oracle Blockchain Platform to be critical in the integration of its blockchain-based platform with customers’ existing business and IT systems. As blockchain becomes an important data store in the enterprise, the Oracle Blockchain Platform enables users to capture blockchain transaction history and current state data for analytics as well as integrate it with other data sources.

With an increasing consumer consciousness and a demand for transparency, Everledger’s work is focused on engaging entire business ecosystems to provide consumers the ability to make fully informed purchasing decisions, said Leanne Kemp, founder and CEO Everledger, adding that it is critical to enable the ease of systems interaction.

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