Oracle Cloud Adapters Ease Integration Between Cloud and On-Premise Applications

Building on more than 300 standards-based integration adapters, Oracle has introduced Oracle Cloud Adapters to help organizations easily integrate applications regardless of deployment location – in the cloud or on-premise. Oracle says this unified integration approach between on-premises and cloud applications will reduce the time, cost and complexity of application integration projects.

Oracle Cloud Adapters are supported by Oracle SOA Suite, a unified application integration solution.

According to  Demed L’Her, vice president of product management at Oracle, the goal is to greatly simplify the integration of cloud applications and we are remove the need for customers to adopt additional niche cloud integration platforms. "These additional integration platforms are just creating more integration headaches,” said L’Her. 

Until now, said L’Her, organizations have relied on a mix of integration tools, which either worked with cloud or on-premise applications. With Oracle Cloud Adapters, Oracle is unifying the integration experience between cloud and on-premises applications. 

The main target for Oracle Cloud Adapters is existing Oracle SOA Suite customers who need to integrate applications, such as E-Business Suite, with, said L’Her. “This about ensuring customers can use the same tools - which is Oracle SOA Suite - to integrate both on-premise applications as well as cloud applications and make that seamless for stakeholders internally.”

Oracle will continue to release additional out-of-the-box adapters with Oracle SOA Suite to help customers better connect to cloud applications, said L’Her.