Oracle Cloud Expands Integrations

Oracle has expanded the Oracle Cloud Platform’s integration offerings with the availability of the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service. 

The offering combines API-first design and governance capabilities from the acquisition of Apiary and API management from Oracle to provide capabilities for designing, prototyping, documenting, testing, and managing critical APIs.

APIs are critical to business modernization and agility, enabling users to easily connect and share key information across applications and devices - mobile, IoT, in the cloud or on-premises, according to Amit Zavery, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud Platform.  The Oracle API Platform Cloud, he added, is designed to help organizations capitalize on new opportunities by enabling users to manage the entire lifecycle of their APIs.

The Oracle API Platform Cloud Service helps simplify the process of transforming on-premises API solutions into the cloud and enables developers and partners access to data locked behind firewalls, inside applications, and within data stores. It also enables developers to manage different interfaces for a variety of audiences using advanced, but easy-to-use, API management capabilities.

Organizations can create APIs on top of existing services to enable access to data formerly locked inside legacy apps and data stores, as well as assign security and threat protection to APIs with no coding, including OAuth 2.0, IP filtering, and rate limiting. Hybrid deployment spans on-premises, in Oracle Cloud or third-party clouds with the ease of a single-click, with the ability to create API policy once, and deploy everywhere.

According to Oracle, when used in combination with Oracle’s larger cloud portfolio, Oracle API Platform Cloud can deliver API management as part of a unified PaaS solution to simplify the use of API-related tools including identity management, process management, content management, integration, and applications development.

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