Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Adds Tokyo Region

Oracle has launched a new Cloud Infrastructure data center region in Tokyo. The new region was announced in a blog post by Andrew Reichman, director of product management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

“Cloud investment in Japan is growing dramatically. According to IDC Japan Ltd., the market for public cloud services reached 66.8 billion yen in 2018, up 27.2% from the previous year, and the market size is projected to grow to 1,694 billion yen by 2023," said Reichman. "Oracle can now serve this high demand for cloud with a local region of a cloud platform that’s optimized for Oracle’s leading database and enterprise applications, and for the third-party and custom workloads that enterprises use to power their business.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides Oracle solutions such as Exadata Cloud Service, Autonomous Database services, and high-performance computing (HPC) options, including its GPU and HPC compute shapes.

At or shortly after the launch, according to Reichman, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will offer the following products in the Tokyo region:

  • Compute services: Intel-based VM and bare metal compute instances, GPU instances, HPC bare metal instances, Container Engine for Kubernetes Engine and Registry
  • Storage services: Block Volumes, File Storage, Object Storage, Archive Storage
  • Network services: Virtual Cloud Network, Load Balancing, FastConnect, DNS
  • Database and Analytics services: Oracle Database as a Service, Exadata Cloud Service, Autonomous Transaction Processing, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Analytics Cloud
  • Management and Security: Identity and Access Management, Tagging, Audit, Key Management, Identity Cloud Service (for hybrid cloud and multicloud)
  • Application Platform and Integration services: Java Cloud Service, SOA Cloud Service

Customers can also expect a second Japan region, in Osaka, later this year, which will further enable workload deployment among enterprises and public-sector organizations, Reichman added.