Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Business Expands with New Hires

Oracle has announced plans to hire nearly 2,000 employees worldwide to work on its growing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure business. Oracle says the new positions in areas such as software development, cloud operations, and business operations, will support its expanding infrastructure customer base, and come as the company rolls out new product innovations and opens cloud regions around the globe.

“Cloud is still in its early days with less than 20% penetration today, and enterprises are just beginning to use cloud for mission-critical workloads,” said Don Johnson, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Our aggressive hiring and growth plans are mapped to meet the needs of our customers, providing them reliability, high performance, and robust security as they continue to move to the cloud.”

In the past year, Oracle has opened 12 new Gen 2 Cloud regions and currently operates 16 regions globally. Oracle plans to add 20 more regions by the end of 2020, bringing the global footprint to 36 total regions. Eleven countries or jurisdictions will have region pairs that facilitate enterprise-class, multi-region, disaster-recovery strategies to better support those customers who want to store their data in-country or in-region. 

In addition to rapid hiring, Oracle will make additional real estate investments to support the expanded Oracle Cloud Infrastructure workforce.

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