Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Continues to Expand its Global Cloud Region Footprint

Oracle is opening a second Oracle Cloud Region in Chile, making it the first hyperscaler to have two regions in the country.

With the new Oracle Cloud Valparaíso Region and the existing region in Santiago, Oracle will help organizations across all industries in Chile strengthen business continuity while addressing data residency and sovereignty requirements.

“The arrival of the second Oracle Cloud Region in Chile is a significant milestone as it allows our customers to gain the benefits of OCI’s services, while leveraging best practices for business continuity and disaster recovery,” said Joaquin Ma-Shichoy, managing director, Oracle Chile. “With the opening of the Oracle Cloud Valparaíso Region, we’re strengthening our commitment to Chile’s technological development by enabling organizations—including those in highly regulated industries and with in-country data residency requirements—to accelerate their journeys to the cloud.”

Part of Oracle’s distributed cloud strategy, the new public cloud region is Oracle’s 48th worldwide and will offer Oracle Cloud’s full capabilities across more than 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services and cloud applications, including Oracle Autonomous DatabaseMySQL HeatWave Database ServiceOracle Container Engine for KubernetesOracle Cloud VMware Solution, and AI infrastructure.

Underscoring its significant investment across Chile and the broader Latin America region, Oracle now operates seven public cloud regions across Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico—triple that of other hyperscalers, according to the company. 

The Oracle Cloud Valparaíso Region gives organizations access to a wide range of cloud services to modernize their applications, innovate with data and analytics, and migrate all types of workloads from their data centers to OCI.

With the addition of a second region in Chile, customers and partners gain access to low-latency networking and high-speed data transfer across both Oracle Cloud Regions to help them derive better value from their data.

In addition, customers can leverage redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities to enhance business continuity and help meet the country’s regulations and requirements for data residency and sovereignty. Via both regions in Chile, OCI is able to manage every type of customer workload across all industries, including financial services, communications, and retail, according to the company.

 OCI’s distributed cloud lineup supports:

  • Multicloud—Options including Oracle Database@Azure, MySQL HeatWave on AWS, and Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure allow customers to combine key capabilities from across clouds.
  • Hybrid cloud—OCI delivers key cloud services on-premises via Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Compute Cloud@Customer and is already managing deployments in over 60 countries.
  • Public cloud—Forty-eight hyperscale public cloud regions across 24 countries serve any size of organization, including those requiring strict EU sovereignty controls.
  • Dedicated cloud—Customers can run all OCI cloud services in their own data centers with OCI Dedicated Region, while partners can resell OCI cloud services and customize the experience using Oracle Alloy. Oracle also operates separate U.S., U.K., and Australian Government Clouds, and Isolated Cloud Regions for U.S. national security purposes.

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