Oracle Collaborates with Commvault to Offer Backup and Data Protection

Oracle is partnering with Commvault to provide customers with a versatile and unique solution to guard against data loss, data corruption, and data theft.

Commvault has established itself as a leader in intelligent data services that span on-premises deployments, public cloud, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)—including data protection for a broad range of workloads. 

Now Metallic, the company’s powerful backup and data protection service, or DMaaS (Data Management-as-a-Service), is offered with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), available in Oracle’s commercial cloud regions around the globe.

Metallic on OCI is fine-tuned to support mission-critical workloads—including the Oracle databases—running on OCI infrastructure of any architecture, from the industry’s most flexible virtual machines to Oracle Container Engine, our managed Kubernetes service.

As Metallic on OCI gains exposure, these Commvault partners will discover an opportunity to deploy their preferred data protection solution on uniquely performant infrastructure engineered to solve problems encountered by the first generation of cloud hyper-scalers, according to the vendor.

They’ll find a robust networking architecture that can help dramatically reduce data traffic snarls; bare-metal servers that can eliminate the problem of noisy neighbors; highly redundant cloud object storage; and some of the industry’s lowest data transfer fees.

Commvault partners will also discover an extensive base of Oracle customers running their enterprises on a foundation of Oracle’s extensive suite of integrated business applications and what has long been the industry’s gold-standard database and data management software.

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