Oracle Continues Cloud Expansion with Second Brazilian Cloud Region

To support growing customer demand for cloud services in Brazil, Oracle has opened the Vinhedo cloud region. The new region follows the launch of its São Paulo cloud region last year, making Brazil Oracle’s latest country offering dual cloud regions. The opening marks Oracle’s 30th cloud region worldwide and is part of Oracle’s global plan to operate 38 cloud regions by the end of 2021. The digital transformation efforts in Brazil have been accelerated by the global pandemic and Oracle is working with organizations across Brazil to help them move to the cloud securely and in compliance with data sovereignty regulations.

“We’re thrilled to open Oracle’s Vinhedo cloud region as our second region in Brazil. Part of our strategy has been to build a true disaster recovery solution with two regions to help our customers bring their most critical workloads to Oracle Cloud,” said Scott Twaddle, vice president, product, industries and partnerships, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “With the Vinhedo cloud region, customers across South and Latin America are able to move to the cloud faster and build resilient workloads that meet data sovereignty requirements and keep their data or metadata within borders.”

Oracle has a dual-region cloud strategy that enables customers to deploy resilient applications in multiple geographically separated locations for disaster recovery and compliance requirements—without having sensitive data leave the country. Oracle is the only major cloud provider with dual cloud regions in Brazil, enabling organizations to run their mission-critical workloads in Oracle Cloud.

The new cloud region will deliver Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware solution, and Oracle Cloud Applications services. It will also provide multiple benefits to customers, especially to those in highly regulated industries with restrictions on servers outside the national territory.

Oracle is also working to drive renewable energy adoption, improve water efficiency and attain environmental certifications. Oracle Cloud offers customers the opportunity to drive business value and reduce their environmental impact, from Oracle’s sourcing of materials and renewable energy to cloud features like flexible compute, which enable customers to precisely match the resources they provide to workload needs in a granular way, which reduces their resource consumption and costs.

Oracle opened 12 cloud regions in 2020 and currently operates 30 regions globally—23 commercial, seven government and multiple dedicated regions for U.S. intelligence services—the fastest expansion by any major cloud provider.

To help customers build business continuity and disaster protection while meeting in-country data residence requirements, Oracle plans to establish at least two regions in almost every country where it operates. The U.S., Canada, E.U., U.K., South Korea, Japan, Brazil, India and Australia already have two cloud regions. Upcoming Cloud regions include second regions in U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia, additional E.U. regions in Italy, Sweden, and France; as well as new regions in Singapore, South Africa, and Israel.

More information is available about Oracle Cloud Regions.