Oracle Continues Expansion of Cloud With New EMEA Recruitment Drive

Following closely on the heels of Oracle’s announcement about construction of a technology campus in Austin, Texas, which will increase its team there by more than 50%, the company also shared plans about an additional EMEA recruitment drive to hire 1,400 employees. While the Austin campus is aimed at attracting technical professionals at early stages of their careers in support of cloud expansion, the EMEA effort is designed to recruit sales talent with a range of experience in support of cloud services.

The EMEA effort is aimed at fueling the growth of the company’s cloud business throughout the region.

At the time of the Austin announcement, Oracle stated that the move was part of a global hiring initiative to further Oracle cloud expansion and attract top Millennial talent.

Oracle's perspective on cloud was highlighted by Oracle CEO Mark Hurd at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. Oorganizations are moving to the cloud because they are increasingly getting "squeezed" by a number of factors, he said: They have old infrastructure; there is the need for innovation but also great pressure to do things such as increase security and adhere to governance mandates which are not innovative; and also pressure to keep costs flat, without increasing IT costs. “This is why the cloud is such a big deal,” said Hurd. According to Hurd, cloud is important because it offers a lower cost structure and a less complex environment. “It is about a more secure, reliable environment with rapid innovation,” he said.  “That is driving this; nothing else. It is macroeconomics - the ability to get from here to there at a lower cost and get to faster innovation now.” 

The new EMEA roles will be based in six locations: Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Cairo and Dubai (Middle East); Dublin (Ireland); Malaga (Spain) and Prague (Czech Republic). 

Although Oracle’s  recruitment efforts in Texas are focused on recent university graduates and technical professionals at early stages in their careers, in EMEA, Oracle is looking to recruit sales professionals with a range of experience from across the region.

The move to recruit new cloud sales professionals into its EMEA inside sales operation follows a multi-billion dollar investment from Oracle in developing its portfolio of cloud computing services, which deliver everything from secure computing infrastructure to enterprise cloud applications. Oracle currently offers more than 600 different cloud applications.

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