Oracle Database 12c Release Now GA with In-Memory Option

The latest release of Oracle Database 12c - - is generally available and includes the new Oracle Database In-Memory, an option designed to support faster business decisions by accelerating the performance of Oracle Database applications.

By leveraging the Oracle Multitenant architecture that simplifies database consolidation in the cloud, Oracle says that organizations have been able to deploy database as a service (DBaaS), enabling them to manage multiple databases on a shared, scalable, and agile database platform. The result is that they can achieve higher server utilization and streamlined database management, while retaining database isolation and with no application changes.

According to the company, many Oracle PartnerNetwork partners have deployed their applications on Oracle Database 12to gain a competitive advantage for themselves and their end users, making it one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in the Oracle partner ecosystem. By hosting clients’ databases in the cloud with the Multitenant architecture, Oracle says, partners can pass along cost savings to their customers through streamlined management, shared resources, and trusted security.

The latest release of Oracle Database 12c also enables customers and partners to easily develop applications with new types of data. With JSON support, organizations can store JSON document data in their database and query it through traditional SQL and RESTful interfaces. In addition, attribute clustering ensures that related columns in a database are physically stored together for faster access, thereby improving database and data warehousing performance. The new release also simplifies delivery of mission-critical DBaaS environments with a new Rapid Home Provisioning feature to streamline provisioning, upgrading, patching, and maintenance of multitenant database cloud environments.

“Customers around the world are harnessing Oracle Database 12c along with options including Oracle Multitenant to consolidate their databases and deliver database as a service on premises and in the cloud,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, executive vice president, Oracle Database Server Technologies.  “With the added firepower of Oracle Database In-Memory now available, customers can instantly gain the competitive advantage of the real-time enterprise with the flip of a switch.”

More information is available about Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database In-Memory.