Oracle Database 23ai Introduces Generative AI to Enterprise Data and Applications

Oracle is releasing Oracle Database 23ai, Oracle’s converged database, as a broad range of cloud services—including Oracle AI Vector Search and more than 300 additional major features focused on simplifying the use of AI with data, accelerating app development, and running mission-critical workloads.

The new AI Vector Search capabilities enable customers to securely combine search for documents, images, and other unstructured data with search on private business data, without moving or duplicating it.

Oracle Database 23ai brings AI algorithms to where the data lives, instead of having to move the data to where the AI algorithm lives. This allows AI to run in real-time in Oracle databases, and greatly improves the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of AI, according to the company.

Oracle Database 23ai is available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) on Oracle Exadata Database Service, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, and Oracle Base Database Service, as well as on Oracle Database@Azure.

“Oracle Database 23ai is a game changer for enterprises worldwide, and because of the importance of the breakthrough AI technology in this release, we are renaming it to Oracle Database 23ai,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, mission-critical database technologies, Oracle. “AI Vector Search combined with new unified development paradigms and mission-critical capabilities makes it simple for developers and data professionals to build intelligent apps, increase developer productivity, and run mission-critical workloads.”  

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