Oracle Database and Data Protection Survey Report Now Available from DBTA

A new study on database and data protection provides an in-depth overview of current enterprise database infrastructures primarily associated with Oracle databases. The study identifies the challenges encountered by database administrators and IT professionals involved in data management, and it assesses the current use of and satisfaction with backup and recovery tools.

Organizations are swimming in data and struggling to manage not only multiple databases, but large volumes and varieties of data as they strive to provide near real-time access to business-critical information. Many organizations must manage, back up, and secure hundreds of siloed databases and some enterprises are now managing, backing up, and recovering more than 5 petabytes of data daily.

Major challenges being faced by data professionals include managing increasing data volumes, lack of funding, data governance, database protection, performance, and network bandwidth, in addition to hard-to-use and complex testing tools. Although most organizations have a formal strategy in place for database management, and back up their databases daily, few organizations regularly test all backups, and/or employ HA technologies.

The Oracle Database and Data Protection Survey was produced by Unisphere Research and sponsored by Oracle. The report is based on the survey results of 200 IT professionals, of which 95% are involved in the management of Oracle databases.

Download the PDF from the DBTA website.

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Posted February 20, 2014