Oracle Enhances Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Oracle has introduced new artificial intelligence-based customer experience applications to support B2B and B2C interactions.

Helping organizations to avoid the need for additional processes and integrations, the applications are intended to allow organizations achieve immediate value and embrace more efficient approaches, according to Jack Berkowitz, vice president, Products & Data Science, Oracle Adaptive Intelligence.

The new Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX blend first-party and third-party data with decision science and machine learning to deliver AI-based customer experience solutions that enhance existing commerce, marketing, sales, and customer service applications within the Oracle CX Cloud Suite.

The applications combine information that a company has about their customers with information and data from the Oracle Data Cloud and advertising signals to augment the machine learning and decision science for scenarios such as product offers or content recommendations on an e-commerce site or offers as part of an email compaign, Berkowitz noted.

The Adaptive Intelligent Apps are powered by insights from the Oracle Data Cloud, which has a collection of more than 5 billion global consumer and business IDs and more than 7.5 trillion data points collected monthly.

Oracle had two key goals with the new apps, said Berkowitz: to enable organizations to be up-and-running very quickly, and to enable them to amplify their current investments.

This is accomplished by building a system that reacts in context the way that a shopkeeper in a store adjusts interactions in a physical setting, and that is why everything is around real time and adaptive intelligence, he noted.

By applying advanced data science and machine learning to Oracle’s web-scale data and an organization’s own data, the new Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX are able to react, learn and adapt in real time based on historical and dynamic customer data. This customer data can include click-stream and social activity as well as inputs, such as weather, lookalike audiences, and IoT data, delivering customized insights that improve with customer interaction.

Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX embed within Oracle CX Cloud Suite applications to support customer experience workflows across commerce, marketing, sales and service. 

For commerce professionals, the AI-powered capabilities help deliver targeted product and content that is most relevant to the shopper’s immediate context, with recommendations utilizing account data, shopper third-party data and real-time inputs to optimize outcomes and create superior consumer experiences for both first time and known shoppers.

For marketing professionals, the capabilities help enable smarter cross-channel experiences by delivering relevant, personalized content for each individual customer, at scale. And for customer service professionals, FCustomer Service Professionals: New AI-powered capabilities enable smarter and faster resolution of customer issues by providing the best information in the right channel at the right time. By delivering predictive product failure, predictive account health and predictive recommendation capabilities to customer service professionals, customers receive connected service experiences that ultimately improve customer loyalty and advocacy.

For sales professionals, the capabilities enable smarter sales experiences by optimizing the selling process for sales teams and customers. Sales professionals can improve productivity by following guidance derived from opportunity analysis as well as using account engagement and next-best-action capabilities to accelerate and close more deals.


In advancements related to the new artificial intelligence-based customer experience apps, Oracle has launched chatbot capabilities to enable new customer experiences by asking and intelligently answering customer questions on both text and voice-driven platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. The company says that marketing professionals can take advantage of chatbot capabilities for their cross-channel marketing in order to enhance larger, marketer-orchestrated customer interactions, service professionals can benefit from the conversational style of a new Virtual Assistant to provide differentiated customer self-service experiences, as well as to improve response and resolution times across chat and messaging channels, and sales teams can leverage a new Virtual Assistant that improves productivity by acting as a mobile, voice-driven assistant that automates common sales tasks such as account search, transaction creation and updates.  

Mobile, Video and Social Messaging

Enhanced mobile, video and social messaging capabilities have also been added to help customer experience professionals improve existing business processes to meet the increasing expectations of empowered customers.

Part of Oracle Applications Cloud, the Oracle CX Cloud Suite includes Oracle Marketing Could, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CPQ Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud.