Oracle Enhances Virtual Desktop Offerings with New Release of Sun Ray Software

Oracle has announced Sun Ray Software 5.2.  The latest release of Oracle's server-hosted desktop software is intended to be simpler to install and configure, and features improved video, audio, smart card, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and network resiliency. Sun Ray Software is part of Oracle's desktop-to-data center virtualization portfolio, enabling customers to virtualize and manage their full software and hardware stack, from applications to disk.

"Today's organizations are under more pressure than ever to maximize efficiencies, while minimizing costs," states Wim Coekaerts, Oracle's senior vice president, Linux and Virtualization Engineering. "With Sun Ray Software, IT can centralize the management and maintenance of thousands of thin clients - reducing cost and complexity, while enhancing security. Innovations in Sun Ray Software 5.2 make it even easier to install and update, while delivering an improved end user audio and video experience."

According to Oracle, Sun Ray Software virtually eliminates maintenance, upgrade, operational costs and security vulnerabilities associated with traditional desktop environments by centralizing management, data, and applications on a server-hosted environment.

Sun Ray Software enables users to access virtual Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris desktop environments through any combination of Sun Ray Clients, PCs or Macs, and interoperates with other virtualization technologies and desktop brokers.

Key new enhancements in Sun Ray Software 5.2 include:

  • An integrated installer that allows Sun Ray Software to be downloaded and deployed in one package.
  • A complete, optimized Windows Media Player experience for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that is equal to a standard PC. Optimized multimedia delivery to the local client provides enhanced network utilization and scalability.
  • USB headset support for specific devices; Appliance Link Protocol dynamically optimizes the audio channels to meet application demands, improving audio quality and reducing network bandwidth consumption by 92 percent.
  • Oracle Solaris IPMP support for greater resiliency and load spreading, enabling users to leverage Oracle Solaris IP Multipathing (IPMP) to deploy multiple network paths to the server infrastructure for network fault tolerance and load spreading.
  • Sun Ray Client operating software enhancements, such as additional smart card support, including cards that operate at the ISO-7816 defined voltages of 1.8V, 3V, or 5 Volts; and extended VPN options, including support for Cisco VPN with hybrid authentication.