Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R5 Allows Hybrid Cloud Management from a Single Pane of Glass

As customers make the journey to the cloud, new challenges are emerging. The latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager offers enhancements designed to help customers manage, migrate, test and deploy applications and databases across hybrid clouds, with reuse of existing management tools and practices, from a single pane of glass.

“We have taken existing Oracle Enterprise Manager capabilities that people use to manage their on-premise environment and made them available for Oracle Cloud Database Service and Java Cloud Service environments,” said Dan Koloski, senior director, product management, at Oracle. “As organizations start to embrace a hybrid environment where some assets on premise and some are in the cloud, there are naturally a number of concerns that come up such as how to maintain visibility across that hybrid estate, how to guarantee a level of performance and reliability that is the same as on-premise environments, and how to govern compliance across the estate,” explained Koloski.  Even if customers want to keep their production environment on premise, and just move dev-test to the cloud, in order to that they have to be able to move application environments.

The enhancements available in Enterprise Manager 12c R5, Koloski said, are intended to provide centralized visibility and control while ensuring that customers’ existing company-wide standards are applied across the environment.

The hybrid cloud features now available for customers using Oracle Database and Oracle Java Cloud Services include replication of application artifacts and data across the hybrid estate with automated workload migration; performance management, diagnostics, tuning, leveraging Oracle’s best practices for optimizing our stack; automated patching and rapid provisioning of database and middleware with self-service access for agility; and configuration and compliance management, data masking, compliance frameworks and notifications for control.

In addition, according to Koloski, Oracle Enterprise Manager Hybrid Cloud Gateway helps ensure that customers can take advantage of the new capabilities with little change to their network. “That is very different than what most of the cloud vendors are offering,” said Koloski.

“Oracle Enterprise Manager Hybrid Cloud Gateway sits inside the firewall in the customer environment and brokers the conversations between Enterprise Manager and the Oracle Cloud platform and therefore allows customers to not have to rewire their network.  It encrypts all the traffic, it protects both sides from man in the middle attacks, and it is designed to enable customers to get this level of rich functionality but not have to rethink their entire network security strategy to take advantage of it,” Koloski said.

Finally, while not related to the hybrid cloud, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R5 adds the snap cloning capability for Oracle Exadata, he said.

An Oracle blog provides more information about the new release.

Oracle will present a live webcast with more information and Q&A which will be aired on June 25, 2015.