Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 2 Adds PaaS and Application Management Capabilities and Hardware-Software Management for Exalogic

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 2 introduces capabilities for deploying and managing business applications in an enterprise private cloud, such as Java platform-as-a-service (PaaS), enhanced business application management, and integrated hardware-software management for Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.  

According to Oracle, "engineered-together management" is especially important for a consolidation platform such as Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, where multiple business applications need to run reliably and securely. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R2 provides a fully graphical view of the Oracle Exalogic rack, where an administrator can troubleshoot an IT issue through all layers of the hardware, software, networking and storage stack. To make informed decisions about tuning, resource allocation, self-service provisioning and similar IT operations activities, while avoiding the coordination problems that plague many IT teams. It provides an integrated, contextual view of the entire stack, right up to the application level. This helps ensure that quality of service is maintained across many diverse workloads, and that resource allocation is aligned with corporate business priorities.

“With this release, we are building on the innovations in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to help our customers further reduce cost and complexity,” said Richard Sarwal, Oracle senior vice president, Product Development, in a statement released by Oracle. “By helping IT organizations increase efficiency and responsiveness, Oracle is reducing management challenges and helping customers take full advantage of the cloud.

Enhanced Management Capabilities for Enterprise Private Clouds

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 2 introduces capabilities to allow customers to build and manage a Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud-based on Oracle WebLogic Server,  including guided set up of a PaaS Cloud, self-service provisioning, automatic scale out, and metering and chargeback; enhanced lifecycle management capabilities for Oracle WebLogic Server enables  synchronized patching and configuration file management to help ease management of multi-domain web environments;  and provides Integrated hardware-software management for Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud through features such as rack schematics visualization and integrated monitoring of all hardware and software components.

New Management Capabilities for Business-Critical Apps  

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 2 adds a new Business Application (BA) target type and dashboard with flexible definitions provides a logical view of an application’s business transactions, end-user experiences and the cloud infrastructure the monitored application is running on. In addition, Oracle Real User Experience Insight has been enhanced to provide reporting capabilities on client-side issues for applications running in the cloud and has been more tightly coupled with Oracle Business Transaction Management to help ensure that real-time user experience and transaction tracing data is provided to users in context. Other key improvements address ease of administration, reporting and extensibility for massively scalable cloud environments including dynamic groups, self-updateable monitoring templates, and bulk operations against many events.

New IOUG Management Special Interest Group

In addition, as a result of demand from customers leveraging Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, a new IOUG  Management Special Interest Group (SIG) has been created.  "We saw a great increase in interest among our members in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which led us to create a new Manageability Special Interest Group (SIG),”  said Floyd Teter, vice president of technology at EIS Technologies and head of the new IOUG Manageability SIG. 

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