Oracle Expands Autonomous Capabilities with Built-In AI and Machine Learning

Extending autonomous capabilities across its Cloud Platform, Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud.

With built-in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, these new PaaS services automate and eliminate key tasks to enable organizations to lower cost, reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and get predictive insights.

Earlier this year, Oracle made its Autonomous Database for data warehouse workloads available.

Oracle also plans to release more autonomous services later this calendar year 2018 focused on mobile and chatbots, data integration, blockchain, security and management, and additional database workloads, including OLTP.

Autonomous Cloud Platform Services—Newly available autonomous services include Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud. These services help organizations easily build and deploy modern applications, as well as integrate and analyze critical organizational data.

Autonomous Analytics Cloud—The Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud combines machine learning, adaptive intelligence, and service automation to create an analytics platform that breaks down barriers between people, places, data, and systems, fundamentally changing the way people analyze, understand, and act on information.

Autonomous Integration Cloud—Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud accelerates digital transformation by enabling business processes spanning multiple Oracle and non-Oracle SaaS and on-premises applications through a combination of machine learning, embedded best-practice guidance, and pre-built application integration and process automation. .

Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud helps to accelerate mobile and web application development and deployment by enabling business users and developers to build these applications with no coding.  

Oracle Cloud Platform services all share foundational autonomous capabilities and are self-driving to lower costs and increase productivity; self-securing to lower risk; and self-repairing for higher availability.

Organizations can try Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform services, including Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud by signing up for a free Oracle Cloud Trial via