Oracle Expands Distributed Cloud Offerings to Give Organizations the Flexibility to Deploy Anywhere

Oracle is expanding its distributed cloud offerings to meet organizations’ diverse needs and the growing worldwide demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services.

The latest additions to OCI’s distributed cloud include Oracle Database@Azure and MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse on AWS. As a result, organizations gain even more flexibility to deploy cloud services anywhere while addressing a variety of data privacy, data sovereignty, and low latency requirements, as well as access to more than 100 services designed to run any workload, according to the company.

Demonstrating the success of its distributed cloud strategy, Oracle also announced increased global partner adoption of Oracle Alloy.

“OCI’s distributed cloud is designed to give customers as much choice as possible in where and how they deploy cloud services without sacrificing performance, scale, and availability,” said Karan Batta, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “The modern-day cloud must be more distributed and more flexible than ever. With Oracle database services running on OCI and deployed in Microsoft Azure datacenters customers gain more flexibility on where they run their workloads.”

With the recent introduction of Oracle Database@Azure, customers will gain direct access to Oracle database services running on OCI and deployed in Microsoft Azure datacenters.

Oracle Database@Azure delivers all the performance, scale, and availability advantages of Oracle Database on OCI. This combination provides customers with more flexibility regarding where they run their workloads. It also provides a streamlined environment that simplifies cloud purchasing and management between Oracle Database and Azure services.

With the addition of the Lakehouse capability in MySQL HeatWave, AWS customers can now run transaction processing, real-time analytics across data warehouses and data lakes, and machine learning in one cloud database service. They can replace five AWS services with one, reducing complexity and obtaining the best price-performance in the industry for analytics.

With HeatWave Lakehouse, AWS customers can query hundreds of terabytes of data in Amazon S3 object storage in a variety of file formats including CSV, Parquet, Avro, and export from other databases without copying the S3 data to the database.

The query processing is done entirely in the HeatWave engine, enabling customers to take advantage of HeatWave for both non-MySQL and MySQL-compatible workloads. They can continue to run applications on AWS with no changes and without incurring unreasonably high AWS data egress fees. Customers can also run AutoML on HeatWave Lakehouse which provides them with the ability to automatically train machine learning models, run inference and explanations on files stored in S3, and run various kinds of machine learning analysis from the interactive MySQL HeatWave console. MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse on AWS is now in limited availability.

Now available to be ordered globally, Oracle Alloy, an award-winning cloud infrastructure platform, enables service providers, integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), and other organizations to capitalize on the unprecedented business and new growth opportunities of the cloud.

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