Oracle Expands Support for U.K. Public Sector

Oracle has announced a second-generation dual-region government cloud for use by public sector organizations. With this announcement, Oracle is delivering a dedicated, private dual-region cloud for use by the U.K. public sector and authorized partners, offering a number of Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and Oracle OCI services and Oracle Fusion Cloud applications. 

The new dual-region government cloud expands on Oracle’s U.K. Government Cloud Region, which has been used for several years by organizations across the U.K. public sector, including the Home Office, NHS BSA, Lambeth Borough Council and Croydon Council. Oracle today also announced its second commercial cloud region in the U.K., Oracle U.K. West Cloud Region, in Newport, Wales.

Oracle’s dual-region government cloud, which consists of two separate sites in London and Newport, Wales connected by Oracle Cloud’s private high-speed network backbone, will not only allow public sector organizations to deploy cloud services in multiple independent regions for disaster recovery, but it will also offer the hosting and storage of all transactional data in the region.

Designed in collaboration with multiple U.K. Government and Defense ministries, Oracle’s dual-region adheres to the security principles outlined by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), and is built upon the parameters necessary to store OFFICIAL SENSITIVE data. Transactional data is always stored on U.K. soil and, unless otherwise agreed, the Oracle personnel accessing such data are U.K. citizens that are SC Cleared. The public sector will now be better enabled to deliver more robust services to U.K. citizens by running their most critical applications securely. 

This also marks Oracle’s first physical footprint in Wales, allowing it to tap into the talent and innovation being driven along the whole M4 corridor.

Currently available Oracle Cloud regions include:

  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Chuncheon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Sydney, Melbourne
  • Americas: San Jose, Phoenix, Ashburn, Toronto, Montreal, São Paolo
  • Europe: Frankfurt, London, Zürich, Amsterdam, Wales
  • Middle East: Jeddah, Dubai
  • Government: two general U.S. Government regions, and U.S. National Security regions, three U.S. Department of Defense specific Government regions, two in the United Kingdom.

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