Oracle Expands iPaaS Portfolio to Simplify Integration Across Cloud, Mobile, and IoT

Oracle has announced Oracle SOA Cloud Service and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service, new additions to the Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration. The two cloud services join Oracle’s other iPaaS services, including Oracle Integration Cloud, which was announced in June.

The Oracle Cloud Platform for Integration portfolio provides a range of integration services developed for specific users that help simplify and accelerate integration of cloud and on-premises applications. 

The two new releases are part of Oracle’s ongoing process of augmenting and covering integration use cases to address the variety of different user requirements, according to Amit Zavery, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud Platform. “These are two different offerings for two different use cases.”

With a simple, intuitive application integration service, Oracle Integration Cloud is useful for Applications IT and LOBs integrating SaaS applications and on the other end of the spectrum, Oracle SOA Cloud Service was designed for integration developers and provides a full integration platform with fine-grained control and ability to support various use cases.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service is a cloud-based integration platform that is built for developers’ diverse requirements. It allows customers to take the artifacts that they have built and integrations they have created on premise and also run them in the cloud, explained Zavery. 

Oracle SOA Cloud Service provides easy provisioning, simplified management, automated upgrades and the ability to easily scale out, enabling users to develop and deploy APIs and integration projects to deliver innovative services faster. Additionally, it supports hybrid integration with its deployment portability feature, enabling customers to easily migrate their integration platform from the cloud, to on-premises, and back again to support changing business requirements. The portability feature is especially good for organizations that want to move their integration workload to the cloud, do dev/test in the cloud, but deploy production on-premises, as well as in instances of regulatory compliance changes where an application deployed in the cloud needs to move on-premises.

Because agility is critical to surviving and thriving in today’s business environment, Oracle API Manager Cloud Service allows customers to create new custom APIs and expose them to internal or external consumers in a  secure way to develop innovative offerings for end users,” said Zavery. They can expose their APIs, end users can create their application integrations, and take specific functions from different applications and have an overall integrated application using that technology.

“This really completes a lot of the things we are doing in the Integration Platform as a Service and meets all the different requirements we see in the marketplace,” said Zavery.

Oracle will continue augmenting the services over time, with specific capabilities that it is still working on, noted Zavery. However, he said, “This takes care of all the primary use cases for industry for citizen developers, integration architects, and developers themselves, and enables exposing and managing of APIs. It covers those requirements and then we will be adding to those services, as well.”