Oracle Improves Planning and Management Solutions in Cloud SCM

With the global impact of the coronavirus running a massive stress test on supply chains, Oracle is announcing updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (Oracle Cloud SCM) to help customers address the challenges presented by widespread supply disruptions, market volatility, shifting global trade patterns, and changing customer expectations.

The latest planning and management solutions in Oracle Cloud SCM are aimed at helping customers improve the efficiency of company-wide operations, gain greater foresight into supply and demand across their networks, and deliver enhanced service to their customers.

The updates were announced in a blog post by Rick Jewell, senior vice president, Applications Development, Oracle.

The improvements, said Jewell, are focused on several key areas:

Replenishment Planning: help customers manage massive fluctuations and demand and maintain the right level of supply at all times, Replenishment Planning enables organizations in multiple industries to predict consumption and to plan and execute replenishment in an efficient and manageable way. Replenishment Planning is a new capability in Oracle Demand Management.

Backlog Management: To help customers rethink the traditional “first-come, first-served” approach to backlog management, new Backlog Management capabilities enable organizations to prioritize their entire backlog of open orders so they can fulfill their most important orders first. Backlog Management is a new capability in Oracle Supply Chain Planning.

Depot Repair: Oracle has added a dedicated solution for managing the entire flow of work in repair organizations to Oracle Field Service. With Depot Repair, organizations can repair and return their customers’ assets, debrief on the work performed, and properly bill for the services rendered.

Project-Driven Supply Chain: To help manufacturing- and asset-intensive organizations ensure their supply chain strategy aligns with changing business context, Oracle has introduced Project-Driven Supply Chain, an end-to-end solution across Oracle Cloud SCM and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle Cloud ERP) that allows customers to capture, invoice, and capitalize project-driven material, manufacturing, and maintenance costs in one integrated solution.

Channel Revenue Management: To help customers address the challenges of shifting demand and consumption patterns that have made managing channel revenue harder than ever, Channel Revenue Management automates processing and settlement in the cloud. This will aimed at helping customers to streamline business processes while helping them increase overall revenue, profit, and market share. Channel Revenue Management is a new solution in Oracle Cloud SCM.