Oracle Integrates Relational and OLAP Analysis in Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

Oracle has introduced Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, an integrated and scalable suite of business intelligence products for helping customers to achieve better business visibility and alignment. The new release provides a unified environment for accessing and analyzing data that resides in relational, OLAP, and XML data sources; improved end user experience with a new integrated scorecard application and innovations in enterprise reporting, visualization, search and collaboration; and enhanced performance, scalability, and security through deeper integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and other components of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Oracle Business Intelligence 11g is a major release that has been under development for a considerable amount of time and it is a leap forward for the business intelligence industry, says Paul Rodwick, vice president of product management for Oracle Business Intelligence. "The new release allows customers to integrate relational and OLAP analysis across a multitude of different federated data sources and presents that in a very simple way to end users so that they can do analysis on their own without understanding or needing to know that there might be potentially multiple data sources beneath," explains Rodwick. Representing the result of a large investment in simplifying the end user experience, adds Rodwick, companies will see "very interactive dashboards that are completely live and completely interconnected and allow business people to do their own analysis without really needing to go into any kind of query tool."

But beyond that, Rodwick notes, "Oracle Business Intelligence 11g provides the most complete suite of business intelligence tools, going beyond dashboards to also include of course ad hoc analysis, pixel-perfect high volume reporting, rich business scorecards, new collaboration capabilities, proactive alerting, search as a way to interact with the BI system and many other ways, done consistently across the whole of the BI stack." This is built on Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, a product that has been in the market for approximately 5 years with success in customers of all sizes globally, says Rodwick. With the 11g release, he adds, Oracle expects companies to more easily deploy to more users in their organizations, covering typical line of business end users, and deep analysts whose job it is to do analysis, as well as out to their customers and partners to any scale. "One of the hallmarks of Oracle BI 11g is the ability to start with potentially a small departmental system and grow that to any scale. Currently, Oracle BI has customers deployed literally into the millions, with a single instance."

This is by far the largest release for Oracle Business Intelligence in the history of the company, and only rivaled by the introduction of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 10g, says Rodwick. For more information, go here.