Oracle Introduces Cloud Native Modern Monetization

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To help address the upcoming demands of 5G and future digital services, Oracle Communications' new cloud-native deployment option for Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) combines the features and extensibility of a convergent charging system with the efficiency of cloud and DevOps agility.

“Service providers and enterprises are looking for agile solutions to quickly monetize 5G and IoT services,” said Jason Rutherford, SVP and general manager, Oracle Communications. “Cloud-native BRM deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows our customers to operate more efficiently, react quickly to competition and to pioneer new price plans and business models that capitalize on the digital revolution.”

Oracle Communications’ cloud-native BRM deployment option aims to provide a modern monetization solution to capitalize on the opportunities presented by today’s mobile, fixed, and cable digital services. It supports any service, industry, or partner-enabled business model and provides a foundation for 5G network slicing and edge monetization.  

Cloud-native BRM enables internal IT teams to incorporate DevOps practices to more quickly design, test, and deploy new services. Organizations can optimize their operations by managing business growth with efficient scaling and simplified updates, and by taking advantage of deployment in any public or private cloud infrastructure environment. In addition, according to Oracle, BRM increases IT agility when deployed on Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure, which features autonomous capabilities, adaptive intelligence, and machine learning cyber security. 

Find out more about Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management, go here.

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