Oracle Introduces Data Protection Solution with Seamless Cloud Tiering

Oracle has introduced the StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 7 System, which provides mainframe and heterogeneous storage combined with the additional capability for automated tiering to the public cloud.

The StorageTek VSM 7 System provides data protection for IBM z Systems mainframes with data interchange across previous generation VSM systems, as well as data deduplication and native cloud tiering to provide mainframe and heterogeneous storage users the ability to access additional capacity on demand. Powered by Oracle’s SPARC M7 processor, Oracle’s StorageTek VSM 7 System delivers wide-key encryption for data at rest and on removable tape media, and also uses Silicon Secured Memory for data protection.

Supporting high availability, the StorageTek VSM 7 System provides data protection solutions from on-premises to Oracle Public Cloud,  and offers a single point of contact spanning mainframe storage and heterogeneous storage requirements. With native cloud tiering, customers can achieve visibility and diagnostics from on-premise StorageTek VSM 7 System deployments to the Oracle Storage Cloud Service or Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service.  

The new system enables end to end visibility, according to Steve Zivanic, vice president, Storage Business Group, Oracle.

“We can triage and diagnose data movement. That is the benefit of being able to architect a strategy for on premise all the way to the public cloud. We are not just looking at it as public cloud or on-premise only. It is about seamless integration with architectural integration with architectural equivalency from on-premise environments to cloud environments.”

As part of a data protection strategy, Oracle contends that the StorageTek VSM 7 System will enable a new “lights out” disaster recovery strategy, as a mainframe is no longer required at remote sites, thereby reducing costs and simplifying deployments.

“The best data protection should include something offsite, and cloud is ideal for that,” said Tom Wultich, senior director, product management, Oracle. “You can set policies and archive data from the Zero Data Loss Appliance directly to the VSM 7 which can then tier data to the Oracle Public Cloud whether object storage or deep cloud archive. You can align it with an ILM strategy in an Oracle environment for datasets, and for mainframe, and have architectural equivalency across heterogeneous storage and mainframe storage.”

The new system will be available this quarter. More information is available about Oracle’s StorageTek Tape Storage.