Oracle Introduces Enterprise Communications Platform

Oracle is bringing real-time communications to its suite of industry cloud applications with the introduction of the Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP).

By connecting Oracle industry applications to networks and IoT devices to extend their value, ECP enables organizations to reimagine how they do business, according to the company.

Built on the high performance and security of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), ECP delivers a communications backbone and edge architecture that users can embed directly into their Oracle industry applications stack.

With integrated capabilities such as IoT device management, customers can eliminate the burden of managing complex integrations and network contracts to deliver the connectivity and data intelligence they need to power critical new services. This can range from a first responder leveraging a real-time immersive view of an active incident to a restaurant using tablets to take orders from anywhere, or a utility using IoT sensors to monitor the health of its transmission lines, according to the company.

The platform supports various IoT protocols to connect edge and mobile devices over public and private communications networks to help enrich cloud services. ECP also offers enhanced services such as video and audio streaming, recording capabilities, device management, edge distributed processing, authorization, and authentication.

“Given our history of delivering market-changing communications capabilities and our deep domain expertise in industry verticals, the Enterprise Communication Platform is a natural progression of our mission to help improve the way the world communicates,” said Andrew Morawski, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications. “We’re already seeing incredible impact in the way industries such as healthcare, the public sector, hospitality, and energy and water are using this technology to help tackle some of their biggest IoT challenges.”

Companies currently manage and maintain several disparate communication devices including video cameras, mobile devices, PCs, and tablets, with each having its own system and set of data and manual processes to record and archive.

These disparate systems limit transparency and make it difficult to rapidly respond to critical situations, according to Oracle.

Leveraging embedded APIs, ECP enables secure real-time communications for Oracle industry cloud applications by orchestrating, connecting, and managing on-premises systems with IoT, edge, and mobile devices and sensors over one or more public or private networks.

ECP is already being used as the communications foundation for Oracle’s Public Safety suite, providing secure communications for critical use cases such as a dispatch command center for police and first aid squads, or fire emergency call management where an operator is required to dispatch units, identify, and merge duplicate calls or verify the incident location in a blended map view.

ECP Edge also enables mobile video capture on the police car dashboard, the body cameras, security cameras, or vehicle cameras with the capability to provide a 270-degree view of an incident.

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