Oracle Introduces Exadata Cloud Service X8M

Oracle recently announced the new Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Exadata X8M is available in 27 global cloud regions and Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. With architectural identicality across cloud and on-premise, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service X8M makes customers can move even the largest and most demanding databases and workloads seamlessly to the cloud with no changes to applications.

“Customers have been reticent to move their important workloads to the cloud because most cloud databases have availability, performance, and scaling limitations, or offer limited features or consistency, making them unsuitable for enterprise and government workloads,” said Juan Loaiza, executive vice president, mission-critical database technologies, Oracle. With this announcement, Oracle enables customers to run any business-critical database workload, including the largest and most compute and memory-intensive workloads, with faster performance, higher scalability and elasticity, and lower costs than any other cloud provider, he added. "Oracle’s new database cloud service is based on the proven, eighth generation, Exadata X8M platform, optimized for Oracle Database, and already in use by 86% of the Fortune Global 100 to run their most demanding workloads.”

Exadata Cloud Service X8M also features a new generation of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) that delivers enhanced application transparent database scale-out and high availability for all types of database workloads. In addition, fully-active Oracle Data Guard database replicas offload SQL reads and writes while providing cloud-automated disaster protection within and across regions.

Exadata Cloud Service X8M is fully elastic. Customers can start small with a minimum-sized HA configuration with as few as four CPU cores enabled, and expand by adding compute or storage as needed with no downtime.

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