Oracle Introduces New 'LaunchPad' Online Portal to Speed Path to Oracle SaaS Apps

Oracle has introduced a free digital learning platform designed to help customers take advantage of Oracle Cloud Applications.

Developed by Oracle University, the new Oracle LaunchPad online learning platform provides “learning paths” and task-focused modules with video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. Oracle is also offering SaaS customers free live “Quick Start” learning events and a “Starter Pack” for guided in-app overlays to further accelerate onboarding and end user adoption.

With the constant changes to the software it is important that Oracle provides educational content to customers in a way that can be individualized but also scales across the SaaS customer base and allows users to achieve immediate adoption of their cloud platform of choice, noted Damien Carey, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle University.

The Oracle LaunchPad online learning resources are a key feature of the company’s no-cost platinum-level SaaS support offering, which also includes 24/7 support, technical monitoring, success planning, and adoption guidance. Oracle SaaS Support Services with Oracle Soar, a cloud migration offering, offer additional support.

Customers want to get business value faster, they want choice of what they use without needed to adopt bundled options, and they want to be certain they use everything they are paying for, said Catherine Blackmore, group vice president, Oracle North America Customer Success. Oracle’s success in cloud applications is closely linked to its customers’ success, and education is a key element to the foundation for that, said Blackmore.

Part of Oracle’s new platinum-level SaaS Support Services, Oracle LaunchPad will include:

  • 24/7 on-demand training: Oracle’s on-demand digital learning platform enables customers to search and learn topics and tasks of their choosing, on their own schedule.
  • Essential training and best practice content: Oracle LaunchPad features digital training on thousands of topics spanning the Oracle Cloud Application portfolio. There are currently about 2,000 topics on 70 cloud services, and, by the end of July, there will be 3000 topics said Carey.
  • Comprehensive learning paths for all positions: Tailored to the specific needs of administrators, implementers, and business users, learning paths guide users through their cloud learning experience by grouping training modules on specific skills and topics
  • Searchable content: Filtering capabilities help users search and choose where to get started by filtering for role, skill level—including beginner, intermediate, and advanced—cloud service, and functional area within a cloud service.
  • Personalized Dashboard: Users can edit their learning profile to identify training topics that meet their specific needs.
  • Gamification and tutorials: Modules feature product images and embedded videos with demonstrations. As users complete modules, they can take quizzes, and earn points and badges that accumulate throughout the process to evaluate their own understanding and proficiency.

In addition, Oracle offers two free introductory programs, Guided Learning Starter Pack, which enables end users to learn while completing real tasks, and Quick Start Live Events, which enables customers to get direct access to Oracle subject matter experts and ask questions in a live forum, said Carey.

The full suite of Oracle’s free platinum-level SaaS Support Services is now available for North American customers using Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle CX Cloud.

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