Oracle Introduces New Releases of BI Products

Oracle has introduced new releases of its complete, integrated and scalable business intelligence products including Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications and Oracle Real-Time Decisions.

The new Oracle Business Intelligence Release introduces support for the iPad and iPhone.  It provides on-the-go access to the complete range of alert, ad hoc analysis, dashboard, reporting, scorecard, "what-if" analysis, and unified relational OLAP (R-OLAP) and multidimensional OLAP (M-OLAP) content of Oracle Business Intelligence.

In addition, users now have the ability to initiate actions and workflows directly from their mobile devices - helping to reduce the time needed to make decisions while enabling a more flexible, agile organization. This new product release also introduces extended support for additional data sources including Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, Oracle OLAP, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW).

Oracle BI Applications Release enhancements include alerts, dashboards and reports are available for secure access and interaction via iPad and iPhone to provide organizational visibility, insight and alignment; a new user interface featuring a wide range of interactive charting and prompting capabilities, including map visualization options directly linked to spatial data, providing a richer, more intuitive end user experience; an enhanced Common Enterprise Information Model with 25 conformed dimensions that provides alignment across the enterprise as well as high performance, federated queries against hundreds of data sources in relational, OLAP, and XML formats;  and integrated system management services to simplify system configuration, testing, deployment, monitoring, and installation of patches to enable continuous availability, with unmatched query performance, scalability, and security.

Oracle BI Applications are prebuilt analytical solutions for Oracle and non-Oracle applications including SAP, with subject areas including Financial, Human Resources, Procurement and Spend, Projects, Supply Chain and Order Management, Contact Center Telephony, Loyalty, Marketing, Price, Sales, Service, and a range of vertical industries.

And finally, Oracle Real-Time Decisions Release 3.1 introduces "Decision Manager," an application to manage, monitor, refine, and optimize operational decisions across customer interaction channels. Decision Manager enables business stakeholders to collaboratively define closed-loop analytical business logic for delivering optimized customer experiences.

Built using Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Decision Manager offers a collaborative and rich user interface for business stakeholders to author and refine their decision eligibility and targeting logic; search and manage their catalogs of campaigns, offers, products and other enterprise content; and, analyze the results of their operational decisions to discover new insights. The application also provides role-based access control, versioning, and audit trail to ensure operational consistency and reduce overall cost of ownership.

"These new Oracle Business Intelligence product releases build upon the success of Oracle BI 11g and provide customers a wide range of new capabilities that extend intelligence to the iPad and iPhone, offer more powerful visualization, interactivity, performance and scalability features to their ERP and CRM applications, and optimize customer interactions and decisions in real-time," said Paul Rodwick, vice president of Product Management, Oracle Business Intelligence.