Oracle Introduces Oracle SOA Governance 11g

Oracle has announced Oracle SOA Governance 11g, which consists of Oracle Enterprise Repository, Oracle Service Registry, SOA Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Web Services Manager.

"As organizations expand SOA deployments, managing the numerous software artifacts in both SOA and application integration projects can be a complex and expensive process," states Amlan Debnath, senior vice president, Oracle Product Development. "With the launch of Oracle SOA Governance 11g, Oracle becomes the only vendor to offer a unified management approach for both best-of-breed SOA and packaged applications within a single platform. This unified governance umbrella not only helps organizations to deliver new business capabilities more efficiency, but also helps ensure that they are closely aligned with key business objectives."

Fully integrated with Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle SOA Governance 11g is intended to help organizations simplify governance of software development projects. Oracle SOA Goverance 11g is also integrated with Oracle AmberPoint, a leader in SOA management. The new solution provides organizations more continuity of closed-loop governance processes across both Oracle and third-party applications. Oracle SOA Governance 11g supports Oracle Applications including Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel along with Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA).

Oracle SOA Governance 11g provides enhancements to Oracle SOA Suite 11g and includes new releases of Oracle Enterprise Repository and Oracle Service Registry.

Key features and attributes within Oracle SOA Governance 11g include
a single set of lifecycle management processes and tools to simplify and automate management of services originating from packaged applications or other SOA based infrastructure. Oracle SOA Governance also enables Oracle Enterprise Repository customers to access performance summary data at design time. Performance data can come from Oracle SOA Management or AmberPoint

The release provides automated artifact harvesting at each stage of the lifecycle reduces risks associated with making decisions based on stale data by providing enhanced visibility into SOA dependencies. Additionally, Registry Repository support for Oracle SOA Suite11g, Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Business Process Analysis (BPA) Suite is intended to reduce tooling complexity and make software delivery more efficient by enabling organizations to rely on a single vendor for all SOA governance and lifecycle management needs.

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