Oracle Introduces Solution for Project-Driven Supply Chain

To help customers improve project performance and increase profitability, Oracle announced the Oracle solution for Project-Driven Supply Chain. The new integrated initiative allows project managers and material planners to enhance collaboration, material planning, decision-making, and execution throughout the project lifecycle.

 “Functional silos and communication gaps between project management and supply chain planning can increase project risk, create material shortages, result in contract penalties, and have a significant impact on the top and bottom line of projects,” said Roger Goossens, vice president, Value Chain Planning Applications Development, Oracle. “The Oracle solution for Project-Driven Supply Chain addresses this challenge by providing visibility into project data that enables project management and supply chain planning teams to closely collaborate throughout the lifecycle of the project. This not only helps project teams to establish and measure strategic project objectives, but more importantly helps align project and materials planning to improve decision-making and execution.”

With the integration of Oracle Value Chain Planning and Oracle's Primavera project portfolio management solutions, the new initiative helps organizations balance and adjust material and manufacturing capacity decisions to better adhere to project milestones and avoid unexpected delays and costs. In addition, according to Oracle, integration with Oracle E-Business Suite allows team members to make preemptive and accurate project decisions regarding schedule delays, cost overruns, or wastage by providing a real-time view into business information, including interactive charts and metrics.

More information is available about Oracle Solution for Project-Driven Supply Chain.