Oracle Introduces Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform

Oracle has announced the Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform, a “bridge between worlds”: on-prem and the cloud.

The platform was announced in a blog post by David Cabelus, a product manager in the OCI Developer Service group, with a focus on OKE add-ons and hybrid cloud.

“Technically speaking, Oracle Verrazzano is a container deployment and management platform that embodies the core requirements and design principles of cloud-native application development,” wrote Cabelus.

It runs on top of Kubernetes—on-premise and in the cloud?and enables users to deploy container applications to any of the Kubernetes clusters where Verrazzano is installed.

Developed in open source (, Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform is part of Oracle’s portfolio of standards-based open software technologies for cloud-native application development, deployment, and lifecycle management in Oracle Cloud, other clouds, and on-premise.

“Many enterprises have an investment in custom applications. Many of these applications are critical to their mission and business; some of these applications are traditional WebLogic Server applications, and some are not. As the industry focus shifts to the cloud, these enterprises are looking for solutions that enable them to flexibly adopt cloud-native technologies to improve productivity and innovation, to modernize their existing applications, and to run their applications where they choose,” said Cabelus.

Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform addresses new customer needs and enables them to:

  • Deploy, manage, and secure container-based applications in Kubernetes.
  • Unify application lifecycle management across microservices and traditional WebLogic Server applications.
  • Standardize management across Kubernetes clusters on-premise, on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and on other public clouds.

According to Cabelus, the benefits of using Oracle Verrazzano include improved application developer productivity and accelerated innovation. By adopting containers and container management technologies, and by adopting the design principles of DevOps and cloud-native application development, organizations can decrease deployment times, increase application uptime, and spend more developer time solving business problems.

Verrazzano takes this a step further, said Cabelus, with an assembled and automated complementary technology stack that further reduces time needed to roll out and manage your applications.

Organizations also benefit by being able to modernize their existing applications using a choice of microservices or traditional WebLogic Server application technologies within each business application.

Additional advantages include:

  • Oracle Verrazzano builds on the Oracle WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit by enabling you to easily move your application to containers and to Kubernetes, and to automate the deployment of the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, provisioning of a WebLogic domain, configuring access to the application, and collecting metrics and log records for the domain and application.
  • Companies can realize cloud-native benefits without lock-in. 
  • Oracle Verrazzano provides a cloud-neutral approach to achieve the same automation, observability, and lifecycle benefits for all of an organization’s container applications, regardless of where it is deploying its applications: on-premises, on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or on other public clouds. 

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