Oracle Introduces the APEX AI Assistant for Natural Language-Based Development of Enterprise Applications 

Oracle is adding new AI innovations in the latest release of the Oracle APEX low-code development platform—introducing the new APEX AI Assistant that simplifies application development and helps developers quickly build feature-rich, mission-critical applications at scale.

According to Oracle, developers now can create applications by using natural language prompts to specify desired capabilities and components and automatically generate SQL statements, perform one-click debug correction, eliminate the need to remember table names, and easily add an out-of-the-box conversational interface to their applications.

Oracle APEX is a fully supported, no-cost feature of Oracle Database and all Oracle Database services including Oracle Autonomous Database that developers can try for free here.

By replacing complex traditional coding, Oracle APEX’s declarative development approach enables developers to build and deploy mission-critical enterprise applications 20X faster with 100X less code, according to the company.

"As a developer and someone who writes SQL every day, I know how challenging it can be to remember table names, column names, and syntax I don't frequently use. Having an AI assistant to determine column names contextually, JOINS, and generate complex syntax is a real game changer,” said Mike Hichwa, senior vice president, software development, Oracle. “Best of all, I can use plain natural language, such as ‘show me all pink T-shirts in size large left over from the most recent shipments to our Kansas City and Wichita locations’ and the APEX AI Assistant will automate that for me, and show me the precise results." 

Oracle APEX is included in Oracle Database and all Oracle Database services including Oracle Autonomous Database, delivering extreme application performance, as well as industry-hardened security, availability, and scalability.  

New AI enhancements in Oracle APEX include:

  • APEX AI Assistant: Enables the creation of valid SQL statements from a natural language user prompt. APEX AI Assistant remembers SQL syntax, so developers don’t have to and automates the writing of SQL queries. It explains existing code and suggests code bug fixes that can be adopted with a simple click, freeing developers from routine coding tasks.
  • Create App Assistant: Enables the creation of new application blueprints from a natural language user prompt that specifies desired attributes and capabilities.
  • Conversational AI dialogs: Enables end-users to “converse” with their applications in natural language through an out-of-the-box conversational interface that developers can easily add to their applications.

The new version of Oracle APEX is available to use now and will be demonstrated at the APEX Conference at ODTUG Kscope24 from July 14 – 18 in Nashville, TN.

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