Oracle Launches Exadata on Bare-Metal Compute and Storage Services

Oracle has announced that Oracle Exadata Cloud is now available on Oracle’s bare-metal compute and storage services. According to Oracle, the integrated and programmable cloud services enhance application development and deployment through faster connectivity, provisioning, processing, and database access.

With this announcement, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers self-provisioning of multiple bare metal servers in less than 5 minutes with each supporting over 4 million IOPS, block storage that linearly scales by 60 IOPS per GB, and now Oracle Exadata Cloud on the same low latency Virtual Cloud Networks, ensuring that applications run at high speed.

With the increased levels of speed and availability now possible, high-demand applications such as those utilizing real-time targeting, analytics, or personalization can run in the cloud with extreme performance, according to Oracle.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers compatibility with Oracle Databases deployed on-premises, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud, and an efficient hybrid cloud strategy.

Oracle Exadata Cloud has also expanded its geographical footprint into the US West (Phoenix, Ariz.) region, further enabling organizations worldwide to experience all the benefits of this high-performance system in the cloud, without the burden of managing and maintaining it internally.

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