Oracle Launches Integrated, High-Performance Analytics Engine for MySQL Database Service

Oracle has announced the availability of the Oracle MySQL Database Service with integrated MySQL Analytics Engine, optimized for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

The new service will enable OCI customers to run sophisticated analytics directly against their operational MySQL databases without requiring complex  data integration with a separate analytics database.

The MySQL Analytics Engine, developed for the MySQL Database Service by Oracle’s MySQL engineering team in collaboration with Oracle Labs, is a new, in-memory analytic accelerator that scales to thousands of cores and supports real-time analytics.

According to Oracle, while MySQL databases are commonly used for OLTP, most enterprises that run MySQL databases also need to run analytics on data stored in MySQL databases. Prior the availability of this service, organizations had to extract, transform, and load (ETL) their data into a separate analytics database—a costly and complex process that reduces performance, security, and data quality, delaying the deployment of new applications.

“MySQL is the most popular database among developers and is widely used by companies across industries. But, until today, MySQL users have been forced to move their data into separate incompatible data warehouses for analytics leading to higher costs and delayed answers,” said Edward Screven, chief corporate architect, Oracle. “With the MySQL engineering team’s latest innovations, Oracle is the only provider that offers developers and database administrators a single, unified platform that can easily run high performance real-time analytics against their MySQL database without requiring any change to their MySQL applications—making Oracle Cloud Infrastructure the best place to run MySQL applications.”

The new Oracle MySQL Database Service with the MySQL Analytics Engine provides a fully managed scale-out service for analytics and OLTP and enables customers to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from their MySQL database. When users spin up the service, data from the MySQL database is populated in the memory of the analytics engine, eliminating the need to ETL data to specialized databases.

According to Oracle, the service works seamlessly with any MySQL-compatible tools and applications and will automatically route queries to the MySQL Analytics Engine, dramatically improving performance. Any changes to the MySQL database are automatically populated into the analytics engine in real-time. This simplifies application development, saves time, enables real-time queries, decreases costs, and improves security.

The new service is available across all Oracle Cloud commercial regions and will be available in Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer.

Oracle is making the benchmark code available, so customers can run the benchmarks themselves by visiting here.

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