Oracle Launches New InfiniBand Network Fabric to Improve Application Delivery in the Cloud

Oracle recently announced its Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) InfiniBand Fabric. The new software-defined networking-enabled, converged fabric has been introduced to increase application performance so customers can more quickly respond to changing business demands.

Oracle says these capabilities will also provide the basis for future generations of its Engineered Systems.

According to Raju Penumatcha, senior vice president, Netra Systems and Networking, Oracle, in cloud environments, new tenants, applications, and rapidly changing workload demands are to be expected, and traditional, rigid approaches to network infrastructure that rely heavily on manual processes can be time consuming, as well as error prone.

With the optimizations for Oracle’s application software integrated into its InfiniBand network-fabric silicon and switches, the company aims to deliver a complete stack of integrated software and infrastructure including network fabric to support customers’ cloud computing initiatives.

Built on open standards, the new solution will help customers accelerate application performance on key Oracle, third-party, and user-developed enterprise workloads, including transaction processing, and makes it possible for enterprises to dramatically improve response times in network-facing applications.

According to Oracle, the EDR InfiniBand Fabric, provides benefits in four key ways. First,at 100 Gb/s, Oracle EDR InfiniBand Fabric delivers 10x the performance of Ethernet and 3x the performance of previous generation InfiniBand. Improving efficiency, Oracle’s EDR InfiniBand Fabric provides a single fabric for all server and storage communication, supporting native InfiniBand, virtualized Ethernet, and Fibre Channel. Third,  Oracle’s EDR InfiniBand Fabric increases application speed by utilizing on-chip cores that can process high concurrent stream counts and offload low latency messaging for accelerating applications. And fourth, Oracle EDR InfiniBand Fabric secures the fabric’s management plane to ensure cloud tenants sharing the same physical infrastructure are isolated from the network traffic and administrative actions of other tenants with secure end-point authentication. It also authenticates key management actions.

The improved InfiniBand network fabric will be available in Q2 2016. For more information, go to