Oracle Launches Next-Generation Fusion Data Intelligence Platform

Oracle is introducing the Fusion Data Intelligence Platform, a next-generation data, analytics, and AI platform that will help Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications customers achieve better business outcomes by combining data-driven insights with intelligent decisions and actions.

This new platform, an evolution of the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse product, will deliver business data-as-a-service with automated data pipelines, 360-degree data models for key business entities, rich interactive analytics, AI/ML models, and intelligent applications, according to the company. All of these out-of-box capabilities run on top of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Lakehouse services, including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud, which enables full extensibility at the data, analytics, AI/ML, and application layers.

“Many businesses struggle with data silos and complex data integration processes with disparate technologies for data management, and analytics. Adding to that problem is that these data and analytics technologies are often isolated from the business context, which makes it difficult to turn the insights into action,” said T.K. Anand, executive vice president, Oracle Analytics. “Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform will help change that by going beyond traditional data and analytics applications and allowing users to see insights based on the context of their role and workflows. In fact, users will even be able to make decisions and take action on the data and insights they see without having to leave the application.”

The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform is part of a multi-year vision for progressing from data and analytics to decisions and actions that improve business outcomes. The Data Intelligence Platform will not be limited to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications. The same underlying platform will be offered for NetSuite and all Oracle industry applications such as health, financial services, and utilities to facilitate cross-domain insights.

The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform includes a rich portfolio of out-of-box analytics for Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), and Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX). New additions to these analytics offerings include:

  • Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics: New Accounting Hub analytics will provide finance teams with the ability to create a system of insights for accounting data that is sourced from Oracle Accounting Hub sub-ledger applications.
  • Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics: New Manufacturing analytics will help manufacturers increase productivity by providing timely insights into work order performance; improve shop floor efficiency by quickly detecting anomalies; and continuously optimize plan-to-produce processes by connecting insights across supply chain data.
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics: New Inferred Skills, Payroll Costing, and Continuous Listening analytics will provide organizational leaders with integrated workforce insights into their employees’ skills, payroll trends and anomalies, and the effectiveness of a continuous listening strategy at any given point-in-time.
  • Oracle Fusion CX Analytics: New Quote-to-Cash analytics will enable users to extend analyses beyond the lead-to-opportunity pipeline by providing insights into how the contract, price, and quote process impacts the overall customer experience.

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