Oracle Launches ZS3 Storage with World Record Performance Benchmark Results

Oracle has introduced its latest ZFS Storage Appliances, the ZS3 Series, aimed at enabling customers to improve operational efficiencies, reduce data center costs, and increase business application performance. 

With new world record performance benchmarks, including the SPC-2  and SPECsfs2008, Oracle says the  ZS3 Series storage enables customers to perform critical business functions faster, including optimizing supply chains, closing quarterly books, evaluating a greater number of investment scenarios, and accelerating database queries.

It also enables enterprises to respond to application needs while helping to reduce time-to-business value.

“Oracle’s ability to deliver Application Engineered Storage is a major differentiator which enables customers to maximize performance, efficiency and productivity at significantly lower cost than the competition,” said Scott Tracy, vice president, software development, Oracle.

To simplify Oracle Database deployments, increase database performance and reduce storage requirements, the ZS3 Series takes advantage of Oracle-only storage features and capabilities, including: a new Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) which automates Oracle Database tuning and administration;  new Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) capabilities of Oracle Database 12c to apply different compression levels through the data lifecycle for consistently high database performance and reduced storage capacity; and Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) which compresses Oracle Database data by 10-50x, reducing the amount of storage and bandwidth required, leading to considerable savings through storage cost avoidance, including data center infrastructure, cooling, switches, conduit, cables, racks, floor space, and maintenance.

In addition, the ZS3’s SMP Operating System leverages a next generation architecture, massive cache and multi-core processors to provide users with over 32 GB/s of bandwidth within a single system which enables the ZS3 to support thousands of VMs per system.

Complete details are available from Oracle about the new ZS3 Series.