Oracle Leverages Automation and Machine Learning to Heighten IT Security and Management

At Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison showcased new cybersecurity machine learning capabilities that improve IT security and management.

The new machine learning powered security capabilities are part of enhancements to Oracle Management Cloud, an integrated solution for IT security and management that enables organizations to monitor and analyze their operational and security data in a single solution.

According to Ellison, existing approaches to security and management are no longer sufficient. What is needed for security and management to rise to the new challenges posed by cyber threats is to have all the data in one place and to have purpose-built machine learning that can be used by security and operations professionals, not data scientists.

The way to secure data and prevent data theft is more automation, said Ellison, noting a cyber defense system that automatically detects vulnerabilities and attacks is required.

Oracle’s two systems, the Oracle Autonomous Database and its automated cyber defense systems, are designed to stop data theft, and both are based on machine learning, which Ellison described as “the most important new technology to show up for a long time.” The Oracle Management Cloud has a unified data architecture and "can manage anyone's technology"—on-premise, other clouds, Oracle's cloud, with no integration required.