Oracle Offers New Version of HP Oracle Database Machine

Oracle is offering a new, smaller version of the HP Oracle Database Machine, according to a recent post on the company's Data Warehouse Insider blog. This follows the initial introduction of the HP Oracle Database Machine, which was unveiled by CEO Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld in September 2008. More than three years in development, Ellison called the offering "the world's fastest database machine."

The new version is being introduced in response to popular demand, according to the blog post, and addresses "smaller entry points with the same extreme performance on the same technology basis."

The smaller system will provide similar scalability and performance characteristics as the full rack, according to the blog. High-level specs for the HP Oracle Database Machine Half Rack Hardware SAS (or SATA) as it is officially known, include: a database server grid containing 4 HP DL360 database servers, 2 InfiniBand switches, an HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server Grid containing 7 HP DL180 Servers, KVM, etc. The choice between SAS and SATA disks is still available, respectively 450GB or 1TB capacity. The system is now available in a 22U rack.

"We at Oracle, and our customers, are very excited about this new offering, as it provides a slightly lower entry point for an HP Oracle Database Machine, while still delivering extreme performance," the blog notes.

For more details about the HP Oracle Database Machine, go here. To access Oracle's Data Warehouse Insider blog post, go here.