Oracle Releases New Exadata X8 to Supercharge Performance

Oracle has announced the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8 which features hardware and software enhancements, including AI and machine learning capabilities, to supercharge performance.

Exadata is the foundation for the Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Applications.

With Exadata X8, Oracle introduces new machine-learning capabilities, including Automatic Indexing, which continuously learns and tunes the database as usage patterns change. Based on technology from Oracle Autonomous Database, the process is automatic and improves database performance while eliminating manual tuning.

Exadata X8 also includes new automated performance monitoring, which combines artificial intelligence, years of real-world performance triaging experience, and best practices to automatically detect performance issues and determine the root cause without human intervention.

Exadata X8 Platform Innovations

According to Oracle, Exadata X8 hardware enhancements include the latest Intel Xeon processors and PCIe NVME flash technology to drive performance improvements—a 60% increase in I/O throughput for all-Flash storage and a 25% increase in IOPS per storage server compared to Exadata X7.

Each Exadata X8 storage server now features 60% more cores to offload Oracle Database processing and 40% higher capacity disk drives to support data growth and database consolidation strategies.

Additionally, a new extended storage server is available for storing infrequently accessed, older, or regulatory data. At Hadoop/object storage prices, Oracle says, all customer data now receives the benefits of the Exadata scale-out architecture and Oracle Database storage, including application transparency, consistency of operational models, hybrid columnar compression (HCC) and the same security model with encryption across all tiers. Oracle provides choice and deployment flexibility, enabling customers to use Exadata anywhere—in Oracle Cloud, as the core of Oracle’s unique Exadata Cloud at Customer service, and on-premise.

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X8

Oracle has also announced the availability of the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X8, which provides up to 10X faster data recovery of Oracle Database than conventional data deduplication appliances while providing sub-second recoverability of all transactions.

Additionally, the Oracle Recovery Appliance X8 now features 30% larger capacity—nearly a petabyte in a single rack—for the same price, Oracle says.

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