Oracle Revs Up IaaS

Continuing its Cloud Platform expansion, Oracle is adding enhancements to make it easier for organizations to move enterprise database applications to the cloud.

Oracle now offers Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle FastConnect private networking capabilities, and Microsoft Windows Server support for its IaaS. The offerings enable more customers to deploy and access Oracle Database applications in the cloud.

With this announcement, Oracle says it is delivering integrated platform services to mid-sized and large enterprises that don’t have the expertise or capital to maintain comparable systems on-premises.

Oracle Cloud Platform’s next generation IaaS capabilities now include support for two-node Oracle RAC on bare metal compute, providing proven, continuous database availability through failures or software maintenance. Two-node RAC can scale on-demand from 4-72 OCPUs, with 1TB of RAM and 24TB of storage.

In addition, Oracle FastConnect on IaaS delivers customers an on-demand private network connection that offers flexible bandwidth options (increments of 1Gb or 10Gb), can scale up and down with their business needs, and can be provisioned in minutes via console and API. Current global partner providers are Equinix and Megaport.

Support for Microsoft Windows Server on both 1, 2, 4, 8, 16-OCPU virtual machine compute and three 36-OCPU bare metal compute shapes provides users a range of compute, memory, and storage resources, with image portability across instance types, all on the same, high performance virtual cloud network.

There is also support for CentOS, RHEL, and Ubuntu, which along with Oracle Linux and Microsoft Windows Server distributions covers the majority of enterprise operating systems.

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