Oracle SOA Suite 12c Simplifies Integration for Cloud, Mobile and Internet of Things

To meet emerging challenges in the enterprise fueled by the expansion of cloud, mobile and IoT, Oracle has introduced SOA Suite 12c with simplified integration capabilities.

“We are seeing a lot of demand for any-to-any integration,” said Amit Zavery, group vice president, Fusion Middleware, Oracle. “We have more than 5,000 customers using SOA Suite today," he said, adding that this release moves the needle even further and allows Oracle to differentiate against the competition more starkly. "The cloud and mobile capabilities will be very useful for customers looking for one, out-of-the-box solution for any kind of integration.”

Improved Cloud Integration

With cloud integration, the challenges are much greater than for on premises integration because organizations don’t have control of the end points in many cases because often cloud applications are provided by third parties and not internal IT, explained Zavery. With this release, Oracle has built out adapters to many third-party applications in the cloud and also provides the Oracle Cloud Adapter Software Development Kit (SDK) so that users can easily build out integrations quickly.  The release includes out-of-the-box integrations with, and many Oracle applications including Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Service Cloud. “We already support SAP and a lot of the Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Siebel applications and now we are adding a lot more of the cloud-based integrations as well,” said Zavery.

Mobile Application Enablement

Similarly, Zavery added, many companies want to take their existing applications and expose them to a mobile device, in essence, building a mobile application without completely starting from scratch. To meet organizations’ need to rapidly integrate mobile applications, Oracle SOA Suite 12c delivers support for the REST and JSON integration standards, which are lightweight and well suited for mobile development. In addition, the new release has the capability to automatically convert XML to JSON.

Productivity Enhancements

Improving productivity for users, the new release includes a single-click installer, new debugging and testing capabilities, as well as templating that can be used to share best practices and help to accelerate the development or maintenance of projects.

Eliminating the Complexity of Managed File Transfer

As a standalone offering as well as integrated with the SOA Suite product is Oracle Managed File Transfer which addresses the requirements of customers that need to move data and do integrations using files. In those situations there is no monitoring, no way to know how long a file transfer took, and whether it successfully finished, said Zavery.  Simplifying file exchanges, Oracle SOA Suite 12c allows for streamlined file transfer management by consolidating disparate FTP point solutions across the organization using Oracle Managed File Transfer, a single, integrated solution that helps to simplify integration, lower costs, and reduce errors.

Event Processing Supports IoT Requirements

And, finally, new to Oracle Event Processing 12c is the shared use of the Oracle SOA Suite user interface, providing companies the ability to seamlessly integrate filtered and correlated big data into actionable enterprise processes for corrective action. “What we have done is really made this very scalable,” said Zavery. “We can handle millions of messages per second and at very low latency.” This is particularly important for IoT requirements where there are many devices with millions of events per second. “We can really manage that and process them and allow the enterprise to act on them very quickly.”

New Release Builds on Oracle 12c Platform

Rounding out the Oracle 12c platform, the new release enables organizations to more easily integrate and connect applications across their complete IT environment on a unified platform. SOA Suite 12c builds on the releases of Oracle Database 12c and WebLogic Server 12c, adding the upper stack to take advantage of the 12c infrastructure, said Zavery.

More information is available about Oracle SOA Suite 12c. Oracle is also hosting a webcast to spotlight the new release.