Oracle SPARC SuperCluster Adds Cloud and Consolidation Capabilities

Oracle has announced new software enhancements to the Oracle SPARC SuperCluster engineered system that are intended to enable customers to consolidate any combination of mission-critical enterprise databases, middleware and applications on a single system and rapidly deploy secure, self-service cloud services.

According to Oracle, the SPARC SuperCluster can deliver 10x application consolidation ratios using the new layered, zero-overhead virtualization combined with the database offload functions of Oracle Exadata Storage Servers and efficient networking.

As a result of the enhancements, SPARC SuperCluster customers can now deploy mission-critical, multi-tenant applications faster, without virtualization overhead, using Oracle Solaris Zone workload isolation capabilities; virtualize Oracle Databases running on Oracle Exadata X3 Storage Servers within Oracle Solaris Zones to enable secure, isolated database services in a cloud; deploy multiple Oracle Database and enterprise application domains on each SPARC SuperCluster compute node to maximize consolidation and cloud deployment flexibility; and reallocate CPU and memory resources across existing SPARC SuperCluster domains and zones to meet changing workload requirements.

SPARC SuperCluster with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c aims to enable up to 10x faster provisioning of multi-tenant application cloud services versus the use of manual provisioning and multiple tools, and up to 32x faster deployment of an Oracle Database instance versus manual installation. SPARC SuperCluster also provides a complete cloud lifecycle management solution through Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

SPARC SuperCluster customers also have access to Oracle Premier Support, including Oracle Platinum Services, which provides engineered systems customers running a supported configuration with 24/7 Oracle remote fault monitoring, industry-leading response and restore times, and quarterly patch updates deployed directly to their systems, enabling high availability in mission critical IT environments.

“SPARC SuperCluster customers are already reporting 10x or higher consolidation ratios and dramatic reductions in the time and effort required to deploy new applications,” states Ganesh Ramamurthy, vice president of engineering, Oracle. “The SPARC SuperCluster’s new ability to quickly and securely deploy new cloud services provides our customers a safe, cost-effective transition to a cloud-based infrastructure.”

More information is available about the SPARC SuperCluster.