Oracle Says Engineered Systems Bookings Pipeline is Strong

Oracle Corporation announced that GAAP total revenues for fiscal 2012 Q3, which ended Feb. 28, were up 3% to $9.0 billion, and non-GAAP total revenues were up 3% to $9.1 billion.  Among the highlights for the quarter were Oracle's engineered systems. Hardware revenue for engineered systems grew 139% in the third quarter and bookings are strong going into the fourth quarter, said Oracle president Mark Hurd in a statement released by the company with the announcement of its quarterly financial results.

Exadata has had seven of eight quarters now with growth over 100%, and the one that didn't had 95% growth, Hurd said, during the company's Q3 earnings call, noting Exadata has achieved key wins at companies such as Sony and Samsung. The newest engineered system for analytics, the Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, which went GA in the fiscal third quarter, has had the fastest ramp up of any engineered system that Oracle released, he added.

In addition, Hurd said that Exalogic is having success in the SOA area as well as with the company's applications. There is the ability for it to now plug in Oracle applications, and in some cases have them run four and five times faster than before, he noted. Exadata has continued to gain traction, Hurd said, and he expects a very strong Exadata quarter in Q4 as well.

The Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics systems include not only hardware but there are software components as well, emphasized Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "It's helping accelerate our database business."  It has also been interesting to see how Exalytics is helping Oracle's BI business, the middleware business and the application business, Ellison added. There are strong synergies with the engineered systems, Ellison said. "We talk about it enabling us to be very competitive in the hardware business. That is true." It is also making Oracle more competitive in the software business as well, he said.

A replay of Oracle's fiscal third quarter earnings call is available at the Oracle website at