Oracle Scoring, Detection, and Mitigation Cloud Service Provides Communications Security

Oracle has launched the Oracle Communications Security Shield (OCSS) Cloud, a real-time communications security solution. Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the solution uses AI and the real-time enforcement capabilities of Oracle Communications Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) to determine the risk of session-initiated protocol-based communications crossing an enterprise’s network. By quickly detecting malicious call signatures and behavioral anomalies, the OCSS Cloud can autonomously mitigate dangerous network threats.

According to Oracle, with a dependence on highly reactive, legacy communications security solutions, contact centers and enterprises are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated infrastructure attacks. Legacy security solutions offer limited protection due to their dependence on static rule-based decision processes, passwords, and knowledge-based answers, making enterprises a prime target for criminals and ill-equipped to take on Day-Zero attacks. To address these challenges,  OCSS Cloud integrates advanced behavioral analytics, anomaly detection and caller-reputation scoring to dynamically assess incoming call risk.

By monitoring this activity, enterprises can protect their productivity, reputation, and the bottom line through the following capabilities:

  • Dynamic risk assessment: Calls are inspected, analyzed and assessed quickly and efficiently though advanced analytics, AI/ML and security capabilities such as user behavioral analytics, threat signature detection and anomaly detection.
  • 360-degree visibility: A comprehensive, intuitive dashboard provides business intelligence driven data visualization of real-time communications traffic, including an overview of actionable insights for mitigating threats and traffic anomalies.
  • Real-time enforcement: Customizable enforcement policies ensure the alignment of mitigation behaviors with organizations’ risk appetites.

Together,  says Oracle, these capabilities enable real-time communications traffic designed to be secure from cyber threats, such as telephony denial of service attacks, nuisance calls, theft of service, traffic pumping and account takeovers.

“Security threats to real-time enterprise communications—especially unified communications and contact centers—continue to rise,” said Andrew Morawski, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Communications, Networks. “With the latest in cloud-based AI/ML capabilities, behavioral threat analytics and signature anomaly detection methods, the Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud is a critical service to secure today’s enterprise network.”

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