Oracle Snap Management Utility Simplifies Creation of Oracle Database Snapshots and Clones

Oracle has added a new utility to its storage software portfolio that is designed to streamline and automate critical tasks for customers using Oracle Database with Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance.

Integrated with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, the new Oracle Snap Management Utility helps with the creation and management of snapshot-based copies and clones of Oracle databases by reducing the steps required from nine to one for snapshots and 12 to one for clones.

The Snap Management Utility is available as a software option for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and enables users to perform the snapshot and cloning operations directly in its browser user interface.

The utility is qualified and supported on Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g as well as on Oracle Engineered Systems, including Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster and Oracle Database Appliance.

More information is available about the Oracle Snap Management Utility.